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Manufacturer is located in Cape Town, CBD. We take pride in quality jewellery designs, jewellery repairs and restoration, having worked with award winning designers and jewellers through the years. We also carefully restore antique jewellery that has priceless sentimental value.

We meet all your jewellery needs by quickly sourcing and supplying diamonds, precious stones and chains upon request from South African based wholesalers. This results in greater savings as we guide you through the jewellery design process. We understand the jewellery industry and we deliver South African handmade jewellery with clear communication and proven reliability.

Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

As experts in the jewellery trade Amaya can supply you with what you need to create beautiful and expressive pieces of jewellery. With precise and advanced machinery, combined with our unmatched manufacturing approach, our team can efficiently build the best jewellery products in Australia for the best prices.

With our innovative and highly-effective manufacturing methods and techniques, Amaya can produce our premium products in large and varying volumes according to the order size.

Manufacturing Technique

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Our manufacturing technique differs from traditional jewelry fabrication in that all of our “findings” or components are produced exclusively by press tools or “coining” methods. This provides for high output and continuity in quality across the entire range. All of our individual tools are developed, engineered, and maintained on-site with an emphasis on manufacturing automation utilizing digitized and pneumatic applications where possible. 

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