About Crimson Moon



 CMJ, Crimson Moon Jewellers produce all jewellery from our Manufacturing Studio . CMJ make use of different metals and from the most popular Gold, Platinum and Silver.
We follow and adhere to international jewellery manufacturing standards, which makes us one of the country’s best manufacturing Studios in South Africa. Our jewellery settings range from metals, to precious & semi precious stones, as well as stones such as tanzanite & moissanite.
Our highly skilled team manufacture jewellery to perfection and from the bespoke classic ranges to solitaires, we also offer CAD to the trade for those who want a more design orientated piece of jewellery.
 Proudly owned, managed and operated by an all South African team, we carry the logo PROUDLY MADE IN S.A.

OUR SERVICES ARE DESIGNED MAINLY FOR:                             

    • Jewellery Designers and Creators
    • Boutique stores
    • Brands seeking to develop and produce their own lines of jewellery products.
    • Informal markets – street, flea market, craft markets vendors.
    • Startups - New Jewellers, Retailers as well as entrepreneurs.



    We offer a wide variety of manufacturing process and our factory is equipped with the world’s latest technology and machines:

    • Design Studio
    • CAD – CAM
    • Vacuum Pressure Investment Casting
    • Laser Engraving
    • Laser Soldering
    • Carious Plating
      (Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold) Rhodium, E Coating etc.


    Every customer has a unique and distinct requirement, and hence we allocate one of our sales representatives who will personally help you through the entire process …. From design development to sample delivery to modification if any and finally to production.

    Once the design is up to your need (composition and average price) we go to modeling process using hand wax modeling, 3D CAD rapid prototyping or work directly on a silver master by hand. Sometimes we use a combination of the 3 techniques for different parts of your design.

    Do send us an email with Sketches, Technical Drawings and Dimensions with relevant details. We can rework your design with your cooperation to achieve your pricing goal as well.

    From this model we create molds to reproduce the pieces in series and we deliver samples to confirm the product configuration and temporary production price.


    Small and medium jewelry production orders, on demand, will generally have a time frame of about 25-40 working days from day of order confirmation. We set the starting date and time frame depending on the products complexity, the quantities and the workload at the workshop at the time the customer decides to place an order.

    Larger productions that are not planned in advance, will require 5 to 15 working days of preparation before the production can start in order to source materials and allocate manpower, depending on the products complexity, the quantities and the workload at the factory at the time the customer decides to place an order.


    Getting Started: 

    Phone Consultations.

    Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re researching, we can help you get started through phone consultations.

    Please call our Custom Manufacturing Division on Tel +27 (0)21 422 0947.

    (9 am to 4pm South Africa standard time GMT +2)